Snackbacker Rating: 7 out of 10 Snackbacks

If you haven't partaken in some of the offerings in Trader Joe's snack aisle, you are a complete buffoon. I myself was a complete buffoon up until about a month ago.

One of the more interesting items to snack on at Joe's is a twist on a classic twisted snack, Cheetos! Baked Jalapeño Cheese Crunchies are a Cheeto like snack that has a few advantages over the traditional mix of fried puffed something and orange powder stuff.

My favorite part about this snack is that they have a white cheese powder on them instead of orange. This means that you won't have those horrible orange fingers (I wonder how many books have been ruined by Cheeto fingers).  

My second favorite thing about these is they taste really good. They aren't quite as greasy as normal Cheetos and the littles snacks have a delightfully spicy jalapeño kick.

Last but not least, these little crunchy delights have 33% less fat than regular Cheetos! That means they're good for me, right?

No More Cheeto Fingers!

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