Archer Farms Banana Split Indulgent Granola Bites
4 out of 10 Snackbacks

The Archer Farms Banana Split Indulgent Granola Bites are really strange. They aren’t quite candy bars, and they really aren’t a granola bar either. These snacks are about the same size as a fun size candy bar and consist of a hyper sweet chocolate covered granola square filled with white chocolate chips, strawberry flavored cranberries, and dried bananas.

I purchased the Banana Split Granola Bites from Target. Most of the time I really like Archer Farms products, but these little guys were just okay. There are two things that keep these bites from being great:

1.     They are too sweet and the artificial strawberry taste is overpowering. 

2.     They are tiny, so even though I didn’t like them very much I still ate three… I was hungry.

Next time I'm at Target, maybe I'll try a different flavor.


8 out of 10 Snackbacks
If you have a hankering for a granola bar and can't decide between the wholesome goodness of a classic Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bar and the equally classic sweet gooey goodness Quaker Chewy Granola Bar, you may want to try a Nature Valley Chewy Trail Mix Fruit & Nut Bar. These yummy granola bars combine the sweet gooey honey flavors of a chewy granola bar and the big nutty textures of a Nature Valley Granola Bar.

These bad boys are a perfect on-the-go snack. They are hearty and contain whole almonds and peanuts alongside a generous portions of raisins and cranberries.  Want to learn more about this delicious snack?

Check out the video below from my fellow snack reviewers.