9 out of 10 snackbacks

Triscuits are good. Triscuits with cracked pepper are better. 

The brown rice ones are kind of nasty.

But what makes these crackers interesting to a snack expert, is the history behind this crunchy snack.

Triscuits were originally created by a man named Henry D. Perky. This new cracker Henry created was so innovated, that he was actually able to get a couple patents. 

Triscuits were first produced by Nabisco in 1903. At that time they were more a rectangle shape and were marketed as being "Baked by electricity." Check out the add for Triscuits below. 

It is interesting to note that the line, "Baked by electricity," would probably have a negative effect on sales today. Especially with consumers preferring more "whole" or natural foods.

In 1935, Nabisco started to add oil and salt to the crackers. This addition was common among snacks in the 1930s.

Today, instead of positioning Triscuits as this innovative cracker "Baked by electricity," it is instead positioned as a whole wheat natural cracker. In the photo below, Triscuits are even paired with a "home FARMING" kit.

Oh how I yearn for the times of baking with electricity!

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