Snackbacker Rating: 9 out of 10 Snackbacks

 I’ve had a lot of hundred-calorie snack packs, but none of them really seem to satisfy my manly hunger. Most of them were really dry and in order to get any sort of snacking satisfaction out of these tiny packets of snackables, I needed to eat about 8 packs.

The most recent hundred-calorie snack I tried was the Fudge Grahams 100 calorie Right Bites from Keebler. These were way different than any other hundred-calorie snack pack I’ve ever had. What makes them different is there is a massive amount of tasty chocolate on these, not just a dry sprinkling of brown pseudo-chocolate.

Since this chocolate awesomeness is coupled with a classic graham cracker cookie, you get a party in your mouth similar to a campfire smore. The other difference between these cookies and other 100-calorie snack packs is I eat 17 packs of these instead of only 8.

So, after consuming 1700 calories worth of Keebler Fudge Grahams, I think I need a song.

Sing along with me!


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