5 out of 10 Snackbacks

If you are the type of person who only eats organic "live" foods, than you may be wondering if the Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bars are for you. My answer to this question is, drum roll please...


I tried the chocolate & cashew variety of this organic-- energy bar like-- snack and found it to be just okay. When you first rip open these bars you will notice a brown nutty mushy substance formed into an energy bar-like mold. The texture is like a super thick brownie.

But, if you are looking for a chocolatey snack, this probably isn't for you. There isn't very much of a chocolate flavor, or much of any flavor at all. The strongest flavor coming from these bad boys is an unexpected fruitiness.

On the other hand, these don't taste bad and they do satisfy your hunger without causing much guilt.
7/4/2014 06:41:48 pm

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