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If you, like the beach boys, are tired of cruising up and down the same old strip I have a recommendation for you: Hop on Route 1 and find a new candy bar at a place that is becoming more and more hip everyday- ALDI!

At Aldi you will find a tiny candy bar named “Route 1 Jive.” The candy bar itself is pretty much like a Twix except it has a little bit more caramel and a little less of the crunchy cookie center. Overall the candy bar isn't very interesting.

What I did find interesting about the “Route 1 Jive” was its name. Did a bunch of Germans (ALDI is a German company) name this candy bar after jive the dialect or jive the form of dancing popular in the 1940s?

In order to get to the bottom of this, I decided to conduct a formal market research study.

The white paper containing the results of this study is below.

Route 1 Jive, Market Research Study

To determine whether ALDI’s Route 1 Jive candy bars are named after a dialect or a form of dancing.
STEP 1: I ate a Route 1 Jive candy bar while watching a video of two individuals speaking in the jive dialect.

STEP 2: I recorded my overall enjoyment of the candy bar.

STEP 3: I ate a second Route 1 Jive candy bar while watching Julianne and Derek Hough dancing the jive.

STEP 4: I recorded my overall enjoyment of the second candy bar.

ALDI’s Route 1 Jive candy bar is named after a dialect.

Study Limitations

For your information the videos used in the study are below.
12/18/2011 02:24:20 am

im eating a jive right now... its really a cheap brand so its taste is cheap. oh well, what u expect for free huh? rated a 5 too. it works


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