3 out of 10 Snackbacks

These interesting cookies were purchased in Target's dollar section. They come in a six pack and each pack contains a very small amount of Teddy Graham like cookies. One interesting thing I found about these cookies is they are not "actual" chocolate chip cookies. Instead, they are chocolate chip "flavored" cookies and then it is noted that they are artificially flavored. That is just bizarre to me.

I did a little research on the ultra generically titled "Global Brands" company that makes these and discovered that Global Brands owns a company that makes only food that is priced at a dollar. They make fruit snacks, cookies, and energy drinks that are mostly sold in the value sections of grocery stores or at dollar stores.

I am pretty sure these cookies were so cheap, because they were made cheaply. The cookies do not have expensive chocolate and on the back it says the product was made in India.

As for the taste, it's as good as can be expected from a value priced cookie from India with "chocolate chip" flavoring. It's alright, but not what I would call good.

I personally would rather splurge and get a pack of cookies with actual chocolate instead of just chocolate chip flavoring.

3 out of 10 Snackbacks.

Tom G
7/15/2013 06:27:13 am

I'll guild your rose!


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