9 out 10 snackbacks

Trader Joe's Chocolate Chip Brownie and Oat Bars are moist, chewy, delicious and the box has a bunch of healthy sounding words on it. I think this snack could be a new staple in my snack drawer.

The most interesting thing I found about this snack was all of the implied health benefits of these bars. The box says that they are baked in whole grain rolled oats and they have five grams of fiber. Also, the bars only have 120 calories! This means that you can satisfy your sweet tooth with a slightly more healthy version of a candy bar.

If you're looking for a snack that tastes just like a brownie and is probably healthier than a candy bar, give Trader Joe's Chocolate Chip Brownie and Oat Bars a try.

9 out of 10 tasty snackbacks

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