7 out of 10 Snackbacks

GoGo squeeZ is a semi-new take on an ancient product. Why do I say semi-new?

After doing some research, I found the first squeezable applesauce was eaten by 
astronaut John Glenn, in 1962. Glenn was the first official astronaut and ate the first official snack in space. I'll have to add that fact to my history of snacking section.

As for GoGo squeeZ, here's the run down:
  • It's tasty, just like apple sauce
  • It has no added sugar
  • It come in tons of flavors, my favorite so far is the classic apple cinnamon variety
  • The innovative part of this product is you don't need a spoon! It reminds me of a kiddy version of those energy gels athletes eat
  • I'd like more applesauce than is in one of these containers, but the size is probably good for kids or a quick energy boost
  • The cost of these is a little high, but not too bad. At Costco you'll usually pay about 45 cents per pouch ($7.29 for a 16 pack)
  • The only reason I didn't go 8, 9, or 10 out of 10 snackbacks was because at the heart of this snack, it's just applesauce. I'll save my super high marks for something that has a little bit more of a unique taste profile.

Overall, I think John Glenn had a good idea. This is a great lunch box or picnic basket item for kids and adults. 

My biggest surprise while reviewing these is that General Mills has not tried to launch a similar product. After the success of the Yoplait Gogurt line of squeezable yogurt, you'd think General Mills would give squeezable applesauce a try... I wonder why they didn't. 

Now that GoGo squeeZ is at Walmart, you have to wonder whether Materne, the GoGo squeeZ parent company which is currently owned by an private equity firm, has become a target for General Mills or a similar CPG company to acquire?

We'll find out!

The Nature Valley Crunchy Pecan Crunch Granola Bar is a classic snack that has become a staple in my snack drawer and snack drawers across the country. In fact, I'm pretty sure 99% of Americans are familiar with either this granola bar or another granola bar in the Crunchy Nature Valley Granola Bar family. 

Because of the The Nature Valley Crunchy Pecan Crunch Granola Bar's popularity, I don't really think it's worth my time to write an in depth review on it.  So, here's my quick and dirty review:

1. It tastes good.
2. It's 190 calories, but is relatively filling.
3. My only complaint is that these are really dry, so you probably need to drink a beverage with it.

8 out of 10 snackbacks