10 out 10 snack backs

Okay, Sun Chips are good. In fact, they're really good!

But that's not the type of review you come to snackbacker.com for. At snackbacker you've come to expect foremost snack experts to dive deep into why a snack isn't just a snack.

These Sun Chips, for example, are a genius way for Frito Lay to target consumers who believe potato chips are way too unhealthy. The good folks at Frito do this with natural sounding words on the packaging, like "sun,"whole wheat," and "harvest".

Also, on the back of this package their is a comparison of its fat content compared to normal potato chips.

An interesting thing that Frito Lay did with Sun Chips awhile ago, was put them in biodegradable bags. This seemed brilliant! Yet another way to show that Sun Chips are different and more natural than other chips.

Not long after Sun Chips started using the new bags, they went back to the same old landfill fillers. The company claimed the reason was that it changed back was that the new bags were too noisy!  I suspect either spoilage or expense were the real reason.

10 out 10 snackbacks

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